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Raiders vs. Chiefs key matchup: Raider defensive line vs. Brady Quinn

With Matt Cassel out for an extended period, the Chiefs turn to their backup quarterback in Brady Quinn. The Raiders will have to get to him if they hope to win the game.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Two weeks ago, Matt Cassel suffered a head injury which will keep him out of the Chiefs' lineup for a while. Kansas City had a bye last week, but this week they will be forced to roll with Brady Quinn under center. As any team which has ever started Brady Quinn in a game could tell you, that's probably going to end badly.

The Raiders also faced a backup quarterback last week, when they shut down the Jaguars offense being manned by an ineffective Chad Henne after Blaine Gabbert suffered a torn labrum. However, Jacksonville had also lost star running back Maurice Jones-Drew previously in the game and had no offense to speak of. Still, the Raiders held the Jags without a first down in the second half. The Chiefs will presumably have Jamaal Charles for this game, although he is no guarantee to stay healthy.

If the Raiders want to win the game, they must pressure Brady Quinn at every opportunity. They need to get in his head and make him even more skittish than he normally is. The Raiders have done a pretty good job stuffing the run this year, so Jamaal Charles may find it tough going against the defense. As he has been the only bright spot for the Chiefs this year, the combination of a backup quarterback and the Raider rush defense would seem to spell doom for Kansas City- but only if the defensive line has success with their pass rush and stuffing the running lanes for Charles.