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2012 NFL power rankings, week 8: Raiders get an ugly win but still in the league cellar

The Oakland Raiders got their second win of the season over the Jacksonville Jaguars but are still a flawed team looking for consistency.

Sam Greenwood

The Oakland Raiders got a win. It was an ugly one and it took overtime to get it but they got it over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. Can they keep it up? Nobody knows but not everyone is sold that this can be a springboard to further success for a team that seems to struggle in various facets of the game every time they go out. With two wins over the Pittsburgh Steelers and now, the Jaguars, they've showed signs in a league that feeds on consistency. They haven't shown any yet this season.

ESPN moved the Raiders up one spot to No. 28 and congratulated them - sort of - on their ugly win on Sunday. A win is a win.

SB Nation moved the Raiders up three spots to No. 28 and gave them something to look forward to - a high first-round draft pick in 2013.

CBS Sports moved the Raiders up two spots to No. 27 but wouldn't give the Raiders too much credit for their win over the Jaguars with so many issues still remaining with the team that need to be rectified.