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Raiders vs. Chiefs: Oakland looking for first road win of season against a bad Kansas City team

The Raiders hope to build off of their second win of the season with their first road win this weekend when they travel to Kansas City.

Jason O. Watson

The Oakland Raiders coming off a pair of bi-polar performances after their bye week. The Raiders came back form the bye and played some of their best football of the 2012 season in a loss to the undefeated Atlanta Falcons in a heart breaker that went down to the very last play of the game. Then, the Raiders played some of their worst football of the 2012 season in a win that was hard to watch when they beat the one win Jacksonville Jaguars at home in overtime. At the end of the day, all that really matters is what the final score is, and this weekend, the Raiders hope to have that score on their side for the first time on the road in 2012.

The Kansas City Chiefs were supposed to be an improved team in 2012. After winning the AFC West Division in 2010, the Chiefs suffered big time losses due to injuries in 2011 and it showed in their final record. Many figured that with a healthy roster in 2012, the Chiefs would continue to build on what looked like a promising young team just two years ago. That, however, has not been the case. The Chiefs are 1-5 with their only win coming against a New Orleans Sainst team that looked completely helpless early in the season.

The Raiders are looking at two back to back weeks of winnable games. If the Raiders can pull off wins against the Chiefs in Kansas City and follow it up with a win at home against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Raiders will find themselves with a .500 record and in the middle of a three way division race. But before they can even begin to dream of getting back into the division winner conversation, the Raiders need to get their first road win of the 2012 season this weekend against the Chiefs.