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Raiders vs. Jaguars: Oakland sell-out streak in jeopardy, blackout looming?

The Raiders have asked for, and received, an extension from the NFL to avoid a local TV blackout of this weekend's game versus the Jaguars.

Ezra Shaw

The Oakland Raiders have not had a game blacked out since 2010, but that streak might come to an end this weekend when they host the Jacksonville Jaguars. Both teams are 1-4 and have played worse than their records, making the lack of interest in the game understandable, and has led to the Raiders asking the NFL for, and receiving, an extension until Friday to sell enough tickets to avoid the blackout.

The Raiders are already using the NFL's new 85 percent threshold for tickets sold so they do not have to sell out every non-premium seat at the Coliseum, just 85 percent of them. Still, they are having trouble reaching that mark this weekend.

Blackouts are not exactly new for the Raiders. While they have done well to avoid blackouts in their last 10 games, they have more blackouts, 79, than televised home games, 59, in their 17-plus seasons since moving back to Oakland from Los Angeles.