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Raiders vs. Falcons: Oakland fans try to find encouraging signs in devastating defeat

There has to be some good signs from the Raiders almost dishing out the first loss of the season to the Atlanta Falcons, right?

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders forced three turnovers, compiled three sacks and out-gained the Falcons by almost 200 total yards, but still left Atlanta with their fourth loss of the season Sunday afternoon.

The saddest part of it all, though, might be the fact that Oakland tied the game with only 40 seconds remaining but still managed to blow it by playing a soft prevent defense for the Falcons' final drive.

Despite the 23-20 final score, the writers over at Silver and Black Pride still found some positives in almost handing Atlanta their first loss of the season. Here's what Levi Damien had to say in his postgame video reaction:

"Most people would tell you that there are no moral victories in today's NFL and they'd be right. But when you come out and you're competitive like the Raiders were [Sunday] against a really good team like the Falcons, there are some encouraging signs."

One of those encouraging signs that Damien touched on was that the Raiders had their first three interceptions of the season, two of which Damien felt were specifically because a defender made a play on the ball. Damien also singled out a slightly improved pass rush and some signs of life in Darren McFadden's legs (second rushing touchdown of the season) as things the Raiders can build on heading into Week 7.

For more reaction from the Raiders' perspective, pay a visit to Silver and Black Pride.