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Raiders vs. Broncos: Oakland collapses in the second half, blog reacts

Silver and Black Pride takes a look at what went wrong in the Broncos 37-6 shellacking of the Raiders.

Justin Edmonds - Getty Images

It was the anti-halftime speech, a tale of two halves where the Oakland Raiders looked like a team that could play with anyone in the AFC West and then turned around and gave their best impression of a rebuilding team still looking for its identity, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

As Silver and Black Pride breaks down, the game started as it should have. Both teams came in at 1-2, looking for some consistency on both sides of the ball. They were evenly matched on paper and the first half played that way.

But after only being down by four points at the half, the Raiders were down by 11 after one second half drive and then the Broncos decided to score – often:

That lead would continue to get bigger and bigger for the Broncos who scored on every single second half drive. The first three drives for touchdowns and that final two ending in field goals.

SBP points out the lack of a pass rush on Peyton Manning, who was able to find a rhythm, which eluded him last week as he continues to play himself back into form:

But it didn't stop with the pass rush. The Raiders were beaten in every facet of the game. The contrast in the run game was laughable. Broncos running back Willis McGahee had 112 yards on 19 carries (5.8 yards per carry). Darren McFadden had just 34 yards on 13 carries (2.6 yards per carry).

SBP was frustrated and so were the Raiders fans. Another second half collapse against a team the Raiders should be able to play well against.

Here's to next week.