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Dennis Allen on A's: 'Any way we can get a grass infield and they can still win?'

With the Oakland Athletics pushing toward the playoffs, the Raiders could end up playing another home game with the dirt infield, a possibility head coach Dennis Allen isn't too fond of.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

When the NFL schedule was released, it appeared two of the Oakland Raiders home games would overlap with the Oakland Athletics schedule. Now, with the A's making a push for the playoffs, it's possible one or even two more of the Raiders' home games could be affected.

With the two teams sharing the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, the Raiders are forced to play with less than ideal field conditions, including the infield dirt. The dirt already cost the Raiders at least once this season when Denarius Moore slipped while running a route, leading to an interception.

The stadium conflict could arise again if the Athletics advance deep into the American League Championship series or the World Series. While playing another home game or two with the infield grass probably isn't what Raiders coach Dennis Allen would prefer, he's yet to go as far as rooting against the A's.

"I hope they win," Allen said, according to CSN Bay Area. "Is there any way we can get a grass infield and they can still win."