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Raiders Coach Dennis Allen: 'I've Seen This System Of Offense Work'

The Oakland Raiders have struggled on offense in the first two weeks on the NFL season, but first-year head coach Dennis Allen believe that the Raiders will improve and begin to put points on the board.

In a press conference video from, embedded below, Allen is asked why his staff made so many changes to the offense from 2011. Allen's response, which comes at about the 1:55 mark in the video:

Well, I believe it is a matter of time for it to get going. Part of the decision was: I've seen this system of offense work and be very successful. I believe in this as a defensive coach. I've spent a lot of time defending different offenses and I think this is one of the more difficult offenses to have to defend. Obviously, we've got to execute better, because we aren't getting results in the running game that we are looking for.

The Raiders have rushed for just 68 yards through two games, averaging only two yards per attempt. Darren McFadden has done most of the work on the ground, gaining just 54 yards on 25 carries.

Overall, the team has scored just two touchdowns in two games, while being limited to 717 yards of total offense.

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