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Oakland Raiders New Coach Taking Discipline to the Extreme

The Oakland Raiders are notorious for being undisciplined on the football field. That reputation came to a head last season when the Raiders set the all time record for both the most penalties and the most penalty yards in a single season. Those penalties often had major impacts on games and were a major reason why the Raiders struggled at times last year. But penalties are not the only area where a lack of discipline hurt the Raiders. Many of the big plays, both on the ground and through the air, that were made against the Raiders defense, were made due to a lack of discipline. Whether it was missing an assignment or not sticking in one's lane, Raiders defenders were constantly out of position and allowed big plays to happen.

With the new regime in Oakland, there was no question that discipline would be a big time focus. With the Raiders training camp under way, we are now beginning to see just how strict Dennis Allen intends on being. According to strong safety Tyvon Branch, the Raiders are extending discipline from the field to the every day lives of their players. From requiring players be on time to meetings to requiring players to sign in and out at meal times, it is clear that Allen hopes discipline off of the field will translate into discipline on the field.