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Oakland Raiders in Trade Talks with Washington Redskins

The Raiders have been looking like a team that wants to make a move in recent weeks. They cleared cap space by signing strong safety Tyvon Branch to a contract extension and traded veteran wide receiver Louis Murphy for a draft pick. Many have speculated that the clearing of cap space was in order to sign free agent running back Cedric Benson, but that may not be the case. Benson has a history of off the field issues that does not fit in with the Reggie McKenzie thought process. Meanwhile, rather than signing a free agent, it looks as though McKenzie is thinking trade.

Washington Redskins general manager, Bruce Allen was on ESPN 980 today when he accidentally let it slip that he was on the phone with the Oakland Raiders this morning discussing a potential trade. He did not say who the trade was for, or who initiated the talks, but despite the lack of information, it made one thing clear, the Raiders are still actively looking to upgrade their team.

While no specifics were mentioned, there is already speculation about who the Redskins may be looking to deal to the Raiders. A Redskins blog known as the Redskins Hog Heaven is speculating that it could be tight end Chris Cooley that the Raiders are after. That would make a lot of sense from a McKenzian point of view. Cooley is a veteran tight end with a lot of experience. He does not come with a big time price tag and would fit nicely in the Raiders offense.

No telling if the Raiders will be able to make a trade with the Redskins, but do not be surprised if the Raiders do make a move in the near future. Also don't be surprised if that move has absolutely nothing to do with Cedric Benson.