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Oakland Raiders Coach Steve Wisniewski Clears Out Office, is No Longer a Raiders Coach

The Oakland Raiders did not keep many coaches from last years staff. In fact, they only kept two, assistant offensive line coach Steve Wisniewski and running back coach Kelly Skipper. Now, it appears as though one of those coaches will not longer be with the Raiders for the upcoming 2012 season. News broke this morning that Steve Wisniewski has cleared out his office and is no longer working as an assistant offensive line coach with the Oakland Raiders.

While many assumed that the move was made by the Raiders and that Wisniewski was being let go by the team, it appears as though the move was Wisniewski's own decision. After all, it would not have made much sense for the Raiders to get rid of the Wiz. He was instrumental in helping the Raiders offensive line improve last season and his nephew, Stefen Wisniewski, is the Raiders starting center for the 2012 season.

It looks as though Wisniewski will still be a part of the Raider Nation, possibly as a day of game assistant coach, but not as a full time coach. The reasoning behind the decision is that Wisniewski would prefer to be able to spend more time with his family as the job of an NFL coach requires a massive time commitment, even for assistant coaches. Thus, while this is still a loss for the Raiders, it is not nearly as bad as it would have been if there were controversy surrounding his departure.