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Oakland Raiders Trade Wide Receiver for Draft Pick

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The Oakland Raiders have not finished making moves this off season, but the latest move is a little surprising. By most accounts, the Raiders still need to be adding talent to their team. They are in desperate need of depth along the entire roster and have a number of positions where they could use competition and higher quality starters.

However, despite all of the Raiders needs, new general manager Reggie McKenzie has reportedly traded a Raiders player who has been with the team for a few years, but not for another player. Rather, McKenzie has reportedly traded for a future draft pick, something that will not help the Raiders this season. Check out who the Raiders traded after the jump.

It was not very long ago that the Raiders could not name a single wide receiver on their team that was a legitimate threat. This off season, the Raiders have quite the opposite problem. Loaded with young talent at the wide receiver position and with two new players pushing not only to make the roster, but to get playing time in Rod Streeter and Juron Criner, the Raiders are overloaded with talent at the wide receiver position. As a result, veteran receiver Louis Murphy was traded to the Carolina Panthers for a future draft pick. The Raiders have not confirmed the trade and the exact pick has not been disclosed.

While it is surprising that McKenzie did not attempt to get a player that can help this season, it is not a surprise that Murphy will not be in the SIlver and Black. Despite showing a lot of promise, Murphy has struggled to find consistency and would have found himself struggling to make the 53 man roster this season.