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Oakland Raiders' Denarius Moore Projected as One of NFL's Best Wide Receivers By 2015

The Oakland Raiders went from having no one at the wide receiver position, to overflowing with young talent. A year ago, people thought that Jacoby Ford would easily become the Raiders number one receiver and stay there for a while. Then the Raiders drafted a phenom in the 5th round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the name of Denarius Moore.

Now, after an impressive rookie season, Moore has expectations much higher than Ford ever did. Check out why ESPN analysts have said that Moore will be a top 11 receiver in the NFL by 2015 and what big name receiver they compared him to, after the jump.

In an Insider piece that is only available if you pay a monthly fee, ESPN's Matt Williamson said that Moore would be the best receiver in the AFC West and the 11th best receiver in the NFL by 2015. In explaining his ranking of Moore, Williamson compares the wide receiver out of Tennessee to one of the best receivers in the NFL today, Green Bay Packers wideout Greg Jennings.

Williamson states that Moore does not have a whole lot of fine tuning to do before he reaches the level of Jennings. He loves the fact that Moore can burn a secondary by going over the top with his speed, but has such good route running skills that he is a threat underneath as well.