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Former Oakland Raider Trying Out to Replace Eric Davis on 95.7 The Game

The Oakland Raiders were not often a hot topic on sports talk radio in the Bay Area until 95.7 The Game came roaring onto the scene. When the FM sports talk station began its assault on KNBR The Sports Leader they did so by embracing the east bay sports teams with as much vigor as the San Francisco teams. It has been refreshing for Raiders and Oakland A's fans who have long wanted an outlet to discuss their teams.

Now, the Raiders may have one of their own co-hosting the afternoon commute who, The Drive. One of 95.7's most popular shows, The Drive was co-hosted by Brandon Tierny and former 49ers Super Bowl winning defensive back Eric Daivs. This week, it was announced that Davis would be leaving the station in order to co-host a morning TV show on the NFL Network. Check out which former Raider will be trying out to replace Davis, and when he will be on The Drive.

The Raider Nation should have good memories when the name Lincoln Kennedy is mentioned. The former right tackle was a two time pro bowler for the Raiders and started on the team that went to Super Bowl XXXVII. Kennedy played for the Raiders at a time when the offensive line was a strong suit. Since then, the Raiders have longed for someone like Kennedy, and to this day are still trying to find an adequate replacement at right tackle.

Since retiring from football, Kennedy has spent most of his time in the broadcasting industry. He has co-hosted a show on Fox Sports Radio and has been a color commentator for Pac 10, now Pac 12, football games. You can tune into The Drive on 95.7 The Game and hear Lincoln Kennedy try out to replace Eric Davis on July 16 and 17.