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Oakland Raiders Positions that Could be a Liability in 2012: Right Tackle

The Oakland Raiders really only have one position on the team where they really do not have an adequate starter, and that position is right tackle. Last season the position was manned by Khalif Barnes and when he was wasn't churning out penalties, he was a liability in both the passing and running games. The Raiders did not pick up any notable tackles in free agency, and the only tackle they drafted is Tony Bergstrom and figures to be a guard at the next level.

The only real competition for the starting right tackle position will come from second year player out of LSU, Joseph Barksdale. Taken in the 3rd round of the 2011 draft Barksdale was supposed to be the starter at right tackle down the line. So far, it has not looked like he is ready to take the spot from Barnes, and that is a bad sign. A lot could change in training camp, but if Barksdale may not be the Raiders right tackle of the future if he cannot unseat a player who much more of a liability than a benefit.

With little to no cap space left and very few quality free agents available, the Raiders are stuck with the players they have at right tackle. There will not be a significant signing or trade for a tackle, so if the Raiders need someone else to be their right tackle of the future, they won't be able to get him until next season. If Barksdale is unable to unseat Barnes and Barnes does not drastically improve, the right tackle position will be a liability throughout the 2012 season. The Raiders just hope the rest of their line is good enough to minimize the impacts of a poor quality right tackle position.

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