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Terrelle Pryor Discusses Ohio State Past, Has Clean Slate With Oakland Raiders

Terrelle Pryor has had what they say a rather checkered career, and his ending with the Ohio State Buckeyes has caused a lot of consternation for fans of that team.

Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated talked with Pryor, and Pryor talks about how he can get a new beginning as quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. Pryor will be on a team that might need a quarterback, and he figures to give Carson Palmer a run for his money to be the man to quarterback the Raiders.

"That talk doesn't bother me, because every day I'm getting taught at the same rate as Carson Palmer at the quarterback position," he said. "People say that because I do have blazing speed. I do have to work a little bit on my accuracy, but who doesn't have to work on something? If you didn't have to work on something, you'd be the best there is or you'd be starting. But what if I didn't have to work on that? I'd be the perfect quarterback. Well, I don't know of anyone to be perfect but the Lord. And until I see someone perfect, I'm going to keep on working."

Paul Gutierrez of CSN Bay Area talks about it too, and Pryor reflects on what he did at Ohio State while also thinking ahead about what he can accomplish in Oakland.

"But it's a new day and I'm feeling better. It was humbling, but I learned from it. When I was coming into Ohio State ... I had some type of ego with me. I felt like this stuff humbled me and brought me back down to the ground -- like, your stuff stinks, too. I'm just trying to be the best person I can be and best quarterback I can be. It comes to me every now and then that I was the last draft pick of Mr. Davis. Before he passed away, he would call me and he'd be like, he'd say my name and then say, 'I believe in you. This year is going to be tough for you, but I believe in you for the future.' Every single time it was the exact same thing. He would just keep spitting that exact same thing. That's something that makes me want to have success too. Sometimes people say that he didn't make the right draft choices, and to be his last pick, I don't want to be gone off the team, I don't want to be cut, I don't want to have people be like, 'Oh, why did he pick him?' Knowing that he believed in me just pushes me more."

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