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Oakland Raiders Positional Breakdown: Tight End

As of now, the Raiders only have four tight ends under contract and none of them are remotely close to being considered stars in the sense that Zach Miller and Kevin Boss were. What the Raiders do have is a young group of players with potential, only one of whom has more than a single NFL season under his belt.

Brandon Myers is that player, entering his fourth season out of the University of Iowa. He has been a capable backup in his career, but he is slow and sluggish in his routes. He is powerful and has good hands and wll likely see the lion's share of snaps at the TE position this year.

David Ausberry is entering his second year and is easily the most athletic tight end on the team and arguably the one with the most potential. Ausberry was a four-star recruit coming out of high school, but was never targeted much at USC which is why he fell so far in the draft. He does have all the physical tools and speed one looks for in a dependable receiver, and reports that he has increased his bulk in OTAs are encouraging. He could truly be the answer at the position for years to come if he continues his development.

Richard Gordon is the Raiders' other second-year tight end. He is extremely tough and will be used primarily as a blocker. His success will depend largely on his mastery of the zone blocking scheme, do not expect to see many receptions from him.

The final TE on the roster is an UDFA from Boise State, Kyle Efaw. He was one of Kellen Moore's favorite targets at Boise State and the Raiders liked him well enough to sign him to a three-year contract. His measurables seem similar to Myers', so we will see where his career goes from here.

Having a lack of an established star at the position for the Raiders may be a blessing this year, as it will force the team to give each of its young players lots of time on the field and compete to be the guy.