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Oakland Raiders Sign Kyle Newhall-Caballero

The Oakland Raiders have added yet another quarterback to their roster. Is he the upstart that could end up putting the team in the right direction?

The Raiders signed Kyle Newhall-Caballero, a quarterback from Brown who went undrafted, but enjoyed solid success in the Ivy League. Here's the report from Comcast Sports Net California/Bay Area.

"I don't think we bring in anyone that's just for charity," head coach Dennis Allen said. "We bring in guys that we think have a chance to compete and have a chance to be decent football players. And that's what I think about him. That was the plan all along, to bring in a 4th quarterback. We wanted to bring 4 to camp, to make sure we did have 4 arms and I think Kyle will do a nice job there."

"I think he's smart, he's athletic and he's got a strong arm."

The Raiders have a logjam at quarterback right now. There's Carson Palmer, Terrelle Pryor, and Matt Leinart, none of whom you would consider a true frontrunner to land the job (I guess you could consider Palmer, but he's not way ahead). If there's a roster where Newhall-Caballero could sneak in and land the starting job, this might be the one for him.

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