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Rolando McClain Incident Video Surfaces

There is now video of the incident that landed Rolando McClain in hot water. It isn't quite as bad as originally thought, but there are definitely some signs that McClain did do some of the things he was accused of.

Thanks to WAAY 31 and the Decatur Daily, you can view the video below.

Definitely doesn't look too good.

"It’s obvious that McClain has been edited out of parts of it, but it matches up perfectly with (the victim)'s statements of it," attorney Carl Cole said. "I think this shows that there may be cracks in Willingham and McClain’s circle of friends. They may not all be willing to hide what happened that night."

For those wanting a summary of the case up to this point, first McClain was at the scene when gunshots were fired for the second straight year. Then McClain ended up getting charged for having discharged one of those firearms at the scene. He was also charged for third degree assault, menacing and reckless endangerment, and there were claims that he tried to ambush the woman in question. Not a great situation for anyone, and the Raiders will only have to wait until court proceedings take place.

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