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Oakland Raiders Make it Official, Announce 13 Undrafted Free Agents

The Oakland Raiders really are doing things differently this year. With a new man in charge of football operations, the years of seclusion and scant information coming from the Raiders appears to be over. In the past, re-signings of key players were sometimes never announced, let alone the signing of undrafted free agents. On Thursday, Reggie McKenzie took the Raiders one step closer to normalcy by announcing that the Raiders had signed 13 undrafted free agents.

The players signed by the Raiders are:

Conroy Black, CB, Utah

Kaelin Burnett, LB, Nevada

Derek Carrier, WR, Beloit

Brandon Carswell, WR, USC

Dominique Hamilton, DT, Missouri

Aaron Henry, S, Wisconsin

Marquette King, P, Fort Valley State

Dan Knapp, T, Arizona State

Mario Kurn, LB, San Diego

Thomas Mayo, WR, California (Pa.)

Lucas Nix, G, Pittsburgh

Chaz Powell, S, Penn State

Rod Streater, WR, Temple

Obviously, there is a very good chance that none of these guys even make the roster for the Raiders. However, with all of the off season talk about how good McKenzie is at evaluating college talent, I for one, am going to be paying special attention to this years class of undrafted free agents. If the Raiders can get just one or two to stick with the club, that would be a huge success.