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Oakland Raiders Sign Matt Leinart, Free Agent Quarterback

The Oakland Raiders are reuniting two USC Trojans on the same bench and hoping one of them pans out.

Leinart has had a checkered NFL career. In his four years with the Arizona Cardinals he completed around 57% of his passes his first season but saw those numbers dip to 53.6 and 51.7% the next two seasons. He threw only 13 touchdowns in 29 games played compared to 20 interceptions.

Leinart was released by the Cardinals after losing the starting job to Derek Anderson following Warner's retirement in 2010. Leinart played well in the limited time he had with the Texans, completing 10 of 13 passes in two games played with a 110 passer rating. However, an injury to Leinart in one of his starts fractured his collarbone, he was replaced by T.J. Yates, and he was eventually released.

Leinart figures to battle his former USC teammate Carson Palmer for the starting spot this fall.

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