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Dave Tollefson Signs With Raiders For $2.5 Million Over 2 Years, According To Report

Free agent defensive end Dave Tollefson met with the Oakland Raiders this past Tuesday, but reports indicated that he left town without a contract. The rumors were that Tollefson was also going to meet with the Tennessee Titans. As of Friday night, it appears as though the Raiders got their man.

On Friday evening, Brian McIntyre of Mac's Football Blog tweeted out information about the former New York Giants player's new deal with the Raiders. The deal is apparently a 2-year contract that will have him playing for the Raiders for $2.5 million total, with a maximum value of $3 million. Of that money, only $1.5 million is guaranteed.

It appears that the Raiders got a deal on Tollefson, who is coming off a season with the Super Bowl champions and will hopefully go a long way toward adding depth to the Oakland pass rush.

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