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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Oakland Raiders Take Matt Barkley No. 1 Overall

With the Andrew Luck sweepstakes over, it could be time to move onto the quest for USC Trojan quarterback Matt Barkley. Barkley was likely to be the second or third overall pick along with Robert Griffin III. Barkley might have his decision to come back pay off though, as there's a very good shot he ends up getting picked with the first overall draft spot.

Ryan Van Bibber released his first mock on SB Nation concerning the 2013 NFL Draft, and the Oakland Raiders end up with the number one pick. Oakland ends up taking Barkley with this pick because hey, they need a quarterback.

Finally, Oakland gets the right USC quarterback.

The Raiders really don't need Carson Palmer, and it's unlikely Matt Leinart will work out either. So Barkley is next up.

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Check out SB Nation NFL Draft coverage below for more on YouTube by watching the channel below.