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2012 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders Finish Draft With Second Outside Linebacker

The Oakland Raiders wound up with six picks in the 2012 NFL draft. With their final pick, at number 230 in the seventh round, the Raiders drafted linebacker Nate Stupar out of Penn State. The Raiders were in desperate need of linebackers coming into the draft and were able to come out of it with two.

While their fourth round pick, Mile Burris is a guy who could see the field as a linebacker in his rookie season, Stupar is most likely a special teams player who can develop into quality depth down the line. Stupar is an intelligent player who should be able to learn how to play at the next level. He is also a very dedicated and passionate player, coming out of Penn State, also known as linebacker U.

Obviously not an exciting pick, not many are in the seventh round. But, Stupar is a quality football player who will likely stick with the team at the next level and contribute as a special teams player.