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2012 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders Make Intriguing Pick in Sixth Round Defensive Tackle

The Oakland Raiders have always been known as a team that takes players at unusual times. A kicker, Sebastian Janikowski, in the first round, Darrius Heyward-Bey in the top ten, an unknown Mike Mitchell in the second round, and the list goes on. With the new regime in Reggie McKenzie, taking players well before they are expected to be taken was not expected to happen. While this is nowhere near the same thing as the picks noted above, it is a guy who is being taken before most people would have valued him.

Christo Bilukidi was seen more as a undrafted free agent who was intriguing enough of a prospect to be kept on a practice squad. While it is hard to take much out of a sixth round pick, the one thing that could be said is that McKenzie certainly could have waited until the seventh round to take Bilukidi. Sure, there is always the chance he would not still be there, but its not a huge risk, and its a seventh round talent, so its not a huge loss if you don't get him. The fact that McKenzie took Bilukidi in the sixth tells me that he did not want to take that risk and believes that Bilukidi is worth being taken a little early to ensure that he is taken,

Bilukidi has good size at 6'4 and 307 pounds and has good agility and quickness for his size. He has shown the ability to be a strong inside pass rusher, but has struggled in the run game as he has difficulties shedding blocks. He is the type of player who might be able to be coached up, as his performance in college did not match his physical talents. If he is able to make the team, the Raiders could use some more depth on the interior defensive line. Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour are both getting older and John Henderson is no longer with the team.