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2012 NFL Draft, AFC West: Picks In All Rounds For Chiefs, Chargers And Broncos

The Oakland Raiders are going to sit on the sidelines while the rest of the AFC West makes some moves on day one. Of course, it's still possible that the Raiders make some moves and get back into the first round, but they've only got fourth rounders and later to work with for 2012 (compensatory picks are not able to be traded), and it's unlikely that a team will be tempted to deal without instant gratification.

As such, the Raiders are hoping that some key offseason moves - mostly to the coaching staff and front office - will pay off in the end. They'll be looking to new general manager Reggie McKenzie to make the best of a depleted draft, and they'll hope that the rest of the division really screws things up.

To really benefit the Raiders, they'll need to. The AFC West was hugely competitive last year, not being decided until the very end, and the draft will be a big part of how things are going to look in 2012. Below, we'll take a look at all of the picks for the NFC West, and if you want your coverage of the Raiders, check out our draft stream here.

Kansas City Chiefs

No. 11 (First)
No. 44 (Second)
No. 74 (Third)
No. 107 (Fourth)
No. 146 (Fifth)
No. 182 (Sixth)
No. 218 (Seventh)
No. 238 (Seventh)

San Diego Chargers

No. 18 (First)
No. 49 (Second)
No. 78 (Third)
No. 110 (Fourth)
No. 149 (Fifth)
No. 183 (Sixth)
No. 226 (Seventh)
No. 250 (Seventh, compensatory)

Denver Broncos

No. 25 (First)
No. 57 (Second)
No. 87 (Third)
No. 108 (Fourth)
No. 120 (Fourth)
No. 137 (Fifth)
No. 188 (Sixth)

Follow along with the entire NFL draft at SB Nation and at Mocking The Draft. For more on the AFC West, you can check out Bolts From The Blue for the San Diego Chargers, Arrowhead Pride for the Kansas City Chiefs and Mile High Report for the Denver Broncos.