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NFL 2012 Schedule Release: Oakland Raiders Get Two Primetime Games

Today the NFL released the schedules for all teams for the upcoming season. The Raiders will get two prime-time games, both against divisional opponents. They will play the Chargers in Oakland on Monday Night Football's late game in Week 1, continuing the league's tradition of having two Monday Night games on opening weekend. They will also play the Broncos in Oakland on Thursday Night Football in Week 14. Unfortunately for the Raiders, they will not get to play Peyton Manning in the bitter cold months in Denver, but will instead travel to Denver in Week 4 when the weather should be fine.

The Raiders have an extremely difficult out-of-division schedule, playing the brutal AFC North and a strong NFC South. They will have to play on the East Coast four times, not including a trip to Cincinnati late in the year. For a re-tooling team like the Raiders, this schedule is simply brutal and will either galvanize the team or beat it into submission.

The complete schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Chargers @ Raiders: Mon Sept. 10, 7:15 MNF late game (ESPN)

Week 2: Raiders @ Dolphins: Sun Sept. 16, 1:15 Pacific (CBS)

Week 3: Steelers @ Raiders: Sun Sept. 23, 1:15 Pacific (CBS)

Week 4: Raiders @ Broncos: Sunday Sept. 30, 1:05 Pacific (CBS)

Week 5: BYE

Week 6: Raiders @ Falcons: Sunday Oct. 14, 10:00 Pacific (CBS)

Week 7: Jaguars @ Raiders: Sunday Oct. 21, 1:15 Pacific (CBS)

Week 8: Raiders @ Chiefs: Sunday Oct. 28, 1:05 Pacific (CBS)

Week 9: Buccaneers @ Raiders: Sunday Nov. 4, 1:15 Pacific (FOX)

Week 10: Raiders @ Ravens: Sun, Nov. 11, 10:00 Pacific (CBS)

Week 11: Saints @ Raiders Sun, Nov 18, 1:05 Pacific (FOX)

Week12: Raiders @ Bengals Sun, Nov. 25, 10:00 Pacific (CBS)

Week 13: Browns @ Raiders: Sun, Dec. 2, 1:15 Pacific (CBS)

Week 14: Broncos @ Raiders: TNF Thurs, Dec. 5, 5:20 Pacific (NFL)

Week 15: Chiefs @ Raiders: Sun, Dec 16, 1:15 Pacific (CBS)

Week 16: Raiders @ Panthers: Sun, Dec 23, 10:00 Pacific (CBS)

Week 17: Raiders @ Chargers, Sun, Dec. 30, 1:15 Pacific (CBS)