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Darren McFadden Embraces The Pain

Darren McFadden of the Oakland Raiders has had health issues the past few seasons, and it might have cost his football team winnable games. He's missed 19 of his first 64 football regular season games due to injury, including the last nine last season due to a Lis-Franc sprain. There's a lot of pressure on McFadden to justify his football contract, which currently makes him the third highest-paid running back in the league behind Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans and Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings.

McFadden seems more ready to go at it now, and insists that he's healthy enough to get back at it. Paul Gutierrez of Comcast Sports Net obtained the money quote:

"Only thing I can do is go out there and go hard," he said. "If I get hurt, I just get hurt. I'm not going out there and trying to play and not worry about getting hurt. It's part of football. If you get hurt, you just get hurt."

This has to be comforting for Raiders Nation to hear their star runner talk like this. Will he be able to back it up? Ivan Drago would be proud if he did.

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