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Oakland Raiders Free Agency: McKenzie Signs Former Colts Linebacker Phillip Weaver

Reggie McKenzie has struck again. This time, addressing the need at outside linebacker with the signing of former Indianapolis Colts starter, Philip Wheeler. A four year veteran, Wheeler is known for his solid play in the run game, despite the fact that he was primarily a pass rusher in college. This fills a big need for the Raiders as they were short one starter at the linebacker position and have been attempting to address a poor run defense for years now.

McKenzie continues to make smart moves in the free agent market. He is signing players who address specific needs without overspending. Now, the Raiders can enter the draft without needing to find a starter with their picks. There are still positions that could use an upgrade, but McKenzie has ensured that every starting position on the Raiders has a player who is capable of playing at a starters level.

As the new general manager of the Raiders, McKenzie was dealt a rather poor hand. Drastically over the cap and with no first or second round picks available to him, McKenzie has made smart move after smart move. Now, with the draft coming up, McKenzie has the flexibility to make picks based on the players available as opposed to the positions of need. If he can pluck a starter out of the five picks the Raiders now possess, we could be looking at a much better team next season.