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Oakland Raiders Are $3.4 Million Under The Salary Cap, Should Be Able To Sign Draftees

The Oakland Raiders have had a pretty quiet offseason in regards to signings, though things did pick up a little on Friday, when the team signed outside linebacker Phillip Wheeler to a one-year deal and traded Bruce Campbell for Mike Goodson from the Carolina Panthers. The team had to release Kamerion Wimbley to effectively be under the cap, and now are hoping to have enough to get their 2012 NFL Draft haul signed up.

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network had a post with the most updated numbers in regards to the salary cap, and it shows the Raiders likely do have room to get those picks under contract, with perhaps a little adjusting here or there:

Oakland Raiders
Current contracts: 46
Previous year carryover: $3,077,427.00
Adjustments: ($18,400.00)
Adjusted cap: $123,659,027.00
Team cap: $120,229,061.00
Cap room: $3,429,966.00
Team cash: $97,027,929.00

Emphasis mine on the cap room. With the rookie wage scale and the fact that the Raiders have traded away their picks in the first, second, third and fourth rounds, the team will be able to get its rookie class signed. In fact, they don't even have the least amount of cap space in the NFL, which is somewhat surprising to some.

They do have picks in the third- and fourth-round now, with the NFL having awarded them compensatory picks. They'll try to make 'em count, without having to worry (much) about cap room the rest of the season.