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Mega Million Lotto Numbers: Was Michael Huff The Lucky Winner?

On Friday, the multi-state Mega Millions lottery was up to a staggering $640 million. While your everyday citizens were turning out in droves to buy lottery tickets, the Lotto fever spread to professional athletes -- including those of the multimillionaire variety. Even Oakland Raiders safety Michael Huff got swept up in the madness and dropped a few grand on tickets from several stops. No word yet on whether there were any winners, or how many. But it's entirely possible that Huff came out on top.

After plenty of tweets throughout the day on his private Twitter feed, Huff sent out this message just prior to the numbers being drawn.

Following that? Radio silence. Michael Huff has gone dark, people. He's off the grid. Odds are good that he's currently dressed in black, cackling like a madman as he aims a cigarette boat toward the Gulf of Mexico, while duffel bags full of cash are piled high on the deck beside him.

And when he finishes his normal Friday night excursion, maybe he'll come back to Twitter and tell us whether he won.

(For the record, the winning numbers were 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and the mega number was 23.)

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