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Michael Huff Provides Mega Millions Lotto Advice

There are plenty of formulas to pick a winning lottery tickets. Some folks look at the numbers that have historically been picked the most, some go by birthdays of relatives and friends, and others close their eyes and pick out six numbers randomly.

Or you could use the formula that Michael Huff tweeted this week: just buy an insane number of tickets and hope for the best.

The Raiders' star safety tweeted out some advice for how to pick a winning lottery ticket and even tweeted it for his thousands of followers to see. We have those tweets for you after the page jump...

Here was the first tweet:

$2,400 dollars worth of tickets were not enough, though, so he went back for more:

Finally, a little insight into his methods:

Just an FYI: the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot is 176 million to 1. Good luck, Michael Huff!

The winning numbers will be called on Friday night around 11 ET. Do you have your tickets?