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Oakland Raiders Looking To Add Linebacker, Manny Lawson A Possible Target

The Oakland Raiders have various holes to fill on their roster, and they have multiple options through free agency and the upcoming NFL Draft to do so. One of those spots is outside linebacker, where there are just a few remaining options left on the market. Recently-hired general manager Reggie McKenzie recently discussed his team and what spots they will look to upgrade. The Contra Costa Times has the update:

Q: Highest priority right now? Next position to fill?

McKenzie: One thing I don't have is a starting outside linebacker. I would like to try to find me a guy that can play there. Other than that, we've got a guy that can line up and start at every position. Now we just need some competition and depth in case this guy gets hurt or can't cut it. That's where I am now. But I'm looking for an outside linebacker.

The Raiders have very little money to spend -- McKenzie suggests the team is down to $2 million or so in the same article -- and there are still other areas to fill.

Manny Lawson has been a popular name and this update suggests he has received plenty of attention this spring, but he will not come cheap. Still, though, Oakland may be able to get creative and bring him to the Bay if they have a big enough interest.

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