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BenJarvus Green-Ellis Signs With Bengals: Impact On Michael Bush, Oakland Raiders

With news breaking today that the Law Firm, a.k.a. BenJarvus Green-Ellis, has signed with the Cincinnati Bengals, Steve Corkran's speculation that Michael Bush could return to Oakland suddenly seems much more likely. Previously, it was thought that there were four suitors for Michael Bush's services -- the Bengals, the Chicago Bears, the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals. But, as time goes on, it appears less and less likely that Bush will sign with any of those teams.

The Cardinals were the first Bush visited in free agency. Normally, if a team wants a player, it will not let him leave without signing a contract. Since Bush did not sign with Arizona, and there has been very little talk about Bush going to Arizona, it appears there isn't a lot of mutual interest there, for whatever reason.

Now that the Bengals have signed the Law Firm, it would appear they are also out of the running for landing Bush. That leaves Seattle and Chicago. While it appears Seattle would really like to sign Bush, I do not think it is very likely they will be able to. Bush has always said he enjoyed playing in Oakland, but that he wanted the opportunity to be a starter and get paid like a starter. Given the rather large contract the Seahawks just gave Marshawn Lynch, I don't see Bush going to Seattle to be a backup.

That leaves the Chicago Bears. They have placed the franchise tag on Matt Forte and I would imagine they are attempting to work out a long-term deal with him. However, if they cannot get a long-term deal done, and they are willing to pay two significant contracts, I could see them signing Bush as a replacement for Forte after next season, and as a great backup this season. However, unless the Bears are willing to give Bush assurances that he will get a starter's share of touches down the line, this is yet another situation that doesn't appear to be what Bush has in mind.

If Bush's options are basically what he had with the Raiders, but for another team, I could easily see him coming back to Oakland. He has enjoyed his time with the Raiders, has a good relationship with some of the players and, additionally, good money says that McFadden will get hurt at some point next season allowing Bush to once again, assume the starting role, even if for only a while.