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Michael Bush Draws Interest From Seahawks, No Visit Scheduled

Editor's Note: Adam Schefter has corrected himself. The Seahawks are reportedly interested in Michael Bush, but there is no visit scheduled.

Oakland Raiders running back Michael Bush continues his free agency tour as he is scheduled to visit with the Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday. Given the relative dearth of quality running backs on the free agent market, Bush is taking his time figuring out his destination. He opened free agency by traveling to Arizona, and followed that up with visits to Cincinnati and Chicago.

This is an interesting pattern of visits given the depth charts of the teams involved. The Cardinals are building around Beanie Wells, but could get a lot of complementary work from Bush. Cincinnati is looking to move past Cedric Benson and Bush would get a legit shot at being the lead back. Chicago already has Matt Forte as one of the best running backs in the NFL, but there is always the possibility of a holdout in Chicago. His next visit, Seattle, recently signed Marshawn Lynch to a long-term deal.

It is interesting that Bush is considering options where he would either be competing with a fairly solid incumbent, or has little to no chance of being the starter. He did not finish with a fantastic YPC in 2011 (3.8), but he showed signs that he could be a workhorse back if needed.