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Oakland Raiders Release Stanford Routt

The Oakland Raiders are making some big overhauls this offseason. The old coaching staff has been swept away and they're starting to look at their personnel as well. A key figure has been released today.

Routt has been a pretty stout defender for the past few seasons in Oakland, but he struggled last year and mad e alot of mistakes. 95.7 the Game seems to believe that Routt was the most penalized player in the NFL last season, although there are no figures to back it up. But Routt did make plenty of mistakes last year, which is probably why Oakland felt it best to move on.

Tthe Raiders released him despite the team restructuring the Routt contract this offseason to a five year deal and still having to eat $20 million in guaranteed money. But the Raiders probably wanted to cut him now because the deal New Oakland management appears to be serious about this whole rebuilding deal.

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