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Chuck Bresnahan, Rod Woodson Indeed Out As Raiders Defensive Coaches

According to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports on twitter and Gregg Rosenthal of NBC’s Pro Football Talk, Chuck Bresnahan, Rod Woodson, and two other defensive coaches for the Oakland Raiders are indeed leaving the team, after the team denied a radio report from 95.7 The GAME’s Chris Townsend that they were out the door.

Apparently it was simply an issue of semantics.

Oakland told the four coaches they weren’t coming back but they are required them to fulfill the remaining two weeks on their contract before they can effectively be let go, so technically they weren’t fired yet. Mike Silver apparently didn’t appreciate this news too much:

"This is why a lot of established coaches don’t want to work for Raiders. They play games, instead of just manning up and firing people," Silver writes. "They say, ‘Oh, you have a year on your contract? You’ve been reassigned to scouting.’ Daring them to leave or void contract."

Either way, the Raiders are on the hunt for some new coaches this offseason.

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