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Dennis Allen Press Conference: Oakland Raiders New HC Looks To Bring Discipline

There were a lot of things wrong with the Oakland Raiders under Hue Jackson. The team was too fragile as players got injured almost every week. The defense was lockdown one minute and giving up 70 yard touchdowns the next. The offense did the best they could with Jason Campbell and Carson Palmer as their two big quarterbacks, but they are who they are and committed grievous errors that cost their team big-time down the stretch.

But the biggest issue amongst them all? Penalties. The Jackson-led Raiders broke the NFL record for most penalties and most yard penalized by any team. This team didn't know how to get out of its own way, and it cost them. So the new head coach decided to make it a clear priority to fix things up. Tim Kawakami mentioned that Dennis Allen used the word 'discipline' over and over in the new press conference, making you think that this was the emphasis from general manager Reggie McKenzie. Fix the team mistakes and the Raiders are probably a ten win team this year.

There's no doubt the Raiders are talented. But they need to fix their in-game discipline if they plan on stepping their game up and being an elite team once again.

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