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Raiders Head Coach Search: Dennis Allen to get a Second Interview

Could it be? Could a coach from a division rival be the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders? That possibility has become a whole lot more likely with reports surfacing that Dennis Allen, the defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos is the first head coaching candidate in Oakland to get called back for a second interview.

Early reports made it appear as though the Raiders head coaching search might be more for show than anything else. Many predicted that a member of the Green Bay Packers' coaching staff would be hired for the position, with Winston Moss being the most popular name mentioned. However, despite those predictions, Reggie McKenzie appears at the moment to be more focused on the Broncos' coaching staff.

Dennis Allen would be somewhat of a surprising pick. He is only a first year defensive coordinator, but all one has to do is look at how well the Broncos' defense played in the second half of the year to know that this guy is going to get a head coaching opportunity at some point.

It also should be noted that if McKenzie continues down the path he appears to be on currently, the Raiders could have their first defensive minded head coach since the great John Madden graced the Raiders sideline with his presence.