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Hue Jackson Fired: Raider Nation Reacts

Our Oakland Raider site, Silver and Black Pride, has received over 250 responses to the news that Hue Jackson is no longer the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Here are some of the reactions:

Wow this is too bad guys
I know I’m a Chiefs fan but our rivalry is one of my favorite in the NFL….unfortunately our organizations can’t seem to get their heads on straight.
by groundedchevy

More turnover.
They had damn well hire Gruden or Cowher or someone like that. Really, turnover is not good for a team.

Not sure I agree with this move
I thought he deserved another year. I think the coaching position is a more attractive one without Al Davis, but without draft picks and up against the cap, I’m still not sure we can get a top flight coach to put his staple on. I’m tired of rebuilding and I’m not sure we needed a complete overhaul. Thought if Hue Jackson would have made better decisions in terms of game management, and overall sense of self worth, but got to give it to the new boss. Making this kind of statement right away is bold, and I hope it works out in terms of better overall quality of coaching, discipline and game management.
by S Jay Bruin

I liked Hue, but…
Under his watch we blew 3 winnable games that cost us a playoff spot. Broke the NFL record for penalties and yards penalized. Mortgaged the future for a 32 year old semi-retired QB…. I like what he did with the offense but it wasnt enough to save his job.
by Syphon