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Al Saunders Compares Darren McFadden to Marshall Faulk: Good Sign for Fantasy Owners

Fantasy football owners of Darren McFadden should be very happy to hear that the Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator Al Saunders is so high on the running back that he went so far as to compare him to Hall of Fame runningback Marshall Faulk.

As part of the Greatest Show on Turf, Faulk put together some of the most impressive seasons for any runningback in NFL history and was a vital role in helping the Rams win the Super Bowl. The fact that the new Raiders offensive coordinator is comparing McFadden to Faulk could mean big things for fantasy owners.

One of the reasons Faulk had such an epic career was due to the fact that he was a threat not just running the ball, but also catching the ball out of the backfield. If Saunders envisions using McFadden in the way that Faulk was used in St. Louis, it could mean huge fantasy value for McFadden, especially in PPR leagues.

Coaches are often big on their own players, but when you hear an offensive coordinator compare his runningback to one of the greatest, it points to that player being used a lot, something fantasy football owners will love to hear.