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Michael Irvin Believes In Raiders, Al Michaels Obviously Doesn't

The ongoing feud between Al Michaels and Raiders owner Al Davis continues to get weirder as former Dallas Cowboy and current TV analyst Michael Irvin has now thrown his hat in the ring on this issue as well, stating that the Raiders can win with or without Al Davis in the front office. Why? Because players win ball games, not decrepit owners on the verge of senility. 

Here's Irvin dropping knowledge:

"Football is about a bunch of guys deciding that they're going to have one mindset, one goal, and walk on the field with one heartbeat. Now, the guys in the locker room make their decisions to come together that way...when you get that in the locker room you'll get a super bowl. Doesn't matter what's in the front office."

But what about Al Michaels, Michael? How do you feel about him? 

[ disingenuous shrug] "It's Al Michaels."

If you want to take the heartbeat of a Nation, just ask Michael Irvin. Well played, sir.