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Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor Appealing NFL Suspension

NFL Network reporter Albert Breer tweeted that Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor has notified the NFL and the NFL Players Association that he intends to file an appeal of the five game suspension handed down when he entered the NFL Supplemental Draft. For now he is listed as Reserve/Suspended by the Raiders, which clears up a roster spot.

According to Breer, he senses the appeal is being filed in part because of concerns from veteran players. The thinking would be that if the NFL can suspend players coming out of college, it removes any sort of line between the NFL and NCAA. Of course, then there's the question of whether Jim Tressel deserves a suspension if he gets his job with the Indianapolis Colts. The whole thing opens a huge can of worms and raises numerous question marks.

The Raiders likely knew about this appeal when they released Trent Edwards. If Pryor is unsuccessful they can always bring back a QB, but in the meantime they may be fine without a third veteran QB.