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NFL Roster Cuts: Oakland Raiders Release Trent Edwards, Sam Williams

The Oakland Raiders have been extremely quiet about their final roster cuts, but word is slowly starting to leak out. Adam Schefter tweeted that the Raiders have released backup QB Trent Edwards and reserve outside linebacker Sam Williams.

The decision to release Edwards leaves the team with three quarterbacks on the roster: Jason Campbell, Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor. While Pryor is suspended to start the season one has to wonder if the Raiders will sign a third quarterback to provide relief in case of injury. Of course, if that were the case why get rid of Edwards? While Edwards is not a phenomenal quarterback, he is a fairly solid option as a second or third quarterback.

Sam Williams was listed as the primary middle linebacker backup to Rolando McClain, but the nine year veteran couldn’t hold down the position. It will be interesting to see what reserve linebackers the Raiders do decide hang on to when they finally announce their 53-man roster.