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Bay Area Tweet of the Day: Michael Huff Studies For Concussion Test

There's a few tests that are pretty self explanatory in regards to what and how to study. For instance, you'll read up on memorizing your formulas for a math test, or you do absolutely nothing for a blood test. I'm a bit unclear on how exactly one studies for a concussion test, though. Oakland Raiders safety Michael Huff suffered a concussion and now has to pass the test before he is cleared to play, as per NFL rules and regulations, and he had a tweet yesterday regarding it:

Anybody wanna come take my concussion test for me? I'm having a hard time studying.
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Maybe somebody more in the know can tell me what exactly is required for a concussion test - or how exactly one studies for it. At any rate, it seems a little worrying that Huff is having a hard time studying for it. A hard time studying for a concussion test says to me that your bell still might be ringing a little bit. At the very least, he gains some confidence, which you can read about after the jump.

Wish me luck....I'm about kill this test like I'm back in class at UT.
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