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Raiders Vs. Patriots: Source Says Darren McFadden Will Play

There are sources and then there are Adam Schefter sources. The former sources can be unreliable or downright wrong but the Super Schef didn't make his way into the halls of immortal sports reporters by trusting unreliable sources. That being said, Adam Schefter is reporting that, per a team source, Raiders' running back Darren McFadden will play Sunday against the New England Patriots

McFadden left Sunday's game against the Jets with a groin injury after 171 yards and two touchdowns, but according the team source, 'McFadden's groin simply tightened and he could have gone back in the game if Oakland needed him."

The Raiders didn't need him last week as they raced to a big lead late in the game, but as they host New England this week as four point underdogs, they'll pin some of their hopes for victory on McFadden breaking some big runs. If McFadden is slowed up at all by the groin issue, expect to see Michael Bush get more carries.

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