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Raiders vs. Jets: Coliseum Sold Out, Game Will Be Televised Locally

The Oakland Raiders play the New York Jets, and for once, their fans in the Bay Area will be able to watch them play. After two impressive performances in their first two games of the regular season that have them standing at 1-1, Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times reports that the Raiders have sold out Coliseum on time to comply with the NFL's standard for league blackouts. Thus every fan of the Silver and Black in the region should be able to watch their team unencumbered.

The Raiders have struggled to sell out games. General fan apathy with a dysfunctional franchise and coupled with some pretty bad NFL Raiders teams have kept fan attendance down in the dumps. Only one Raider game has sold out in the past two seasons. And it's not only been isolated to the bad times for Oakland, it appears to be centered around the fact the team plays in Oakland--there have been 83 local blackouts of the Raiders since the team moved back up north in 1995.

Perhaps this is a step in the positive direction for fan attendance and interest for the team of the East Bay. One can only hope.

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