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NFL Power Rankings Week 3: ESPN Nudges Raiders, 49ers

The latest ESPN NFL Power Rankings are out and as somewhat expected, both the 49ers and Raiders did not take huge hits following their respective losses. ESPN dropped the Raiders from No. 18 to No. 20 and dropped the 49ers from No. 22 to No. 23. In losing close games they likely bought a little bit of credibility with the voters.

ESPN includes a brief blurb with each team written by one of their divisional bloggers. For the Raiders, they said, "Loss to Buffalo was tough to swallow, but the Raiders have shown themselves to be quality team." The Raiders should really be 2-0 but couldn't hold on late to the Bills. Now they head home to face the New York Jets in their home opener a week before welcoming a Super Bowl favorite in the New England Patriots. It's safe to say the next two weeks will tell us a lot about the Raiders.

On the other side, for the 49ers Mike Sando said, "A trip to Cincinnati in Week 3 offers a chance to make up ground after tough defeat." The 49ers won't be the first to get that kind of comment before playing the Bengals. The 49ers also should be 2-0 but blew a ten point lead in the fourth quarter and fell in overtime.They've got a fairly brutal run coming up against the likes of the Eagles, Bucs and Lions leading into their bye week. A win over Cincinnati is a must.

Here is the top ten for ESPN's power rankings.

1. Packers
2. Patriots
3. Jets
4. Saints
5. Texans
6. Eagles
7. Ravens
8. Falcons
9. Steelers
10. Bears