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Oakland Raiders Roster Cuts: Will the Raiders Continue to be Patient with Chaz Schilens?

On Saturday, when rosters will need to be trimmed for the final time before the regular season, Chaz Schilens will present probably the biggest decision for Hue Jackson. Should the Raiders continue being patient with the perennially injured wide receiver, or should they cut ties and move on from the player once thought to be the next number one receiver in Oakland.

The topic is one that raises a lot of passion in the Raider Nation as Schilens, despite his lack of time spent on the field, has become a fan favorite in recent years. However, as the injuries continue to come, many have become frustrated and are ready to move on from Schilens.

In previous seasons, Schilens’ roster spot was safe because the Raiders were so thin at the wide receiver position. This year is different. With Jacoby Ford coming off a great rookie campaign, veteran Derek Hagan tearing up the preseason and rookie Denarius Moore looking like he is a true play maker, the Raiders can really get by without Schilens if they need to.

While his injuries have been frustrating, there is still a very good chance that the Raiders hang on to Schilens this year. Schilens is on the last year of his rookie contract, and being a seventh round pick, that means he is making very little money. Thus, keeping him on the team is not a major blow to the salary cap.

The Raiders will likely hang on to Schilens and see if he can stay healthy and contribute this season. If he does, he may be resigned in the off season. If he doesn’t, this may be the last season that Schilens will be wearing Silver and Black.