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Raiders Vs. Bills: Kevin Boss Returns, Hue Jackson And Jason Campbell Speak

The big news for the Oakland Raiders is that tight end Kevin Boss is back in action. The Oakland Raiders didn't really have a tight end to give the team versatility at the spot on Saturday with Zach Miller gone to the Seahawks and Boss out of commission, but he's back now. Hue Jackson talked about how happy he was to see Boss in practice at his weekly press conference.

Q: Was it good to have Kevin Boss back out there?

Coach Jackson: It’s been a long time, but it’s good to have him out there in a limited capacity moving around and catching balls, but we’ll see where he is as we keep moving forward.

Jackson talked also about how happy he was with the Oakland offensive line, and how important it'll be to prepare for a Buffalo Bills team hot off a demolition of the Chiefs, divisional rivals of the Raiders. You can read the whole thing here.

Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell also addressed the media and discussed his problems with opening up the passing game. He talked about the coverages. Campbell was satisfied because while the pass game sputtered, the run attack opened up for Darren McFadden and Michael Bush.

And of course, a quarterback is always happy to see his tight end back.

Q: Looks like there is a chance that [Kevin] Boss is back this week. What would that mean for you guys and the offense?

Campbell: That’d be big, you know, finally get most of our guys back. Something we haven’t been able to do quite consistently during training camp and in preseason. It would be fun if we could get everyone back completely healthy and throw all our guys out there and let them make plays for us.

Q: How’d he look out there? I know he’s running patterns, catching balls.

Campbell: He looks good. I said it was probably a good thing he didn’t play in Denver because he probably would have lost his air in the first quarter because he hadn’t been able to run in awhile. But now he’s looking good. He’s fresh, he’s running around out here in practice and trying to get his rhythm back. It’s tough when you only have a chance to play one preseason game, like Jacoby [Ford] only played five plays in the preseason because of injury. It’s kind of like trying to build a rhythm back.

Read the entirety of Campbell's press conference transcript by clicking here.

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